Becoming a global witness via digital toolkit

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The benefits of cooperating with our transnational partners to achieve the project objectives lie down in the activities and contributions they will perform within the context of our project.


through the exchange of methodologies and good practices on the themes of the project (in order to reach the results of the project) participants will learn more about the GSW.


People who attended the conferences and training sessions in different partner countries will also carry out actions, aiming to familiarise the public of the importance of GSW, along with the task to disseminate the project’s outcome.

The Partnership

  • Institute for Global Integral
    Competence e.V.
  • Aydin Egitim,Kultur ve Sanat Dernegi

  • Uciliste Studium

  • Sharing the Presence e.V.


The aim of the DIG-GSW project is concerned with developing a novel toolkit by which trainers can attract, reach out and assist adult learners to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness through transformative learning, thereby becoming mature global citizens.

Develop new methods and tools of GSW for education

Establish ‘cosmopolitan education’ for adults
Develop skills for critical humility in the global political processes
To strengthen the professional profile of trainers, by using this innovative material of GSW

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