Our Mission

The DIG-GSW project examines the significance of ‘Global Social Witnessing (GSW)’ as a potential new educational concept for transformative learning. GSW is a method for the emergent human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, thereby creating an inner world space mirroring these events.

In the 21st century the adult education has a major responsibility for creating spaces in which a cosmopolitan society can be prepared for the future and where learners are encouraged to explore the contours of cosmopolitan identity, and their implications for questions of social and personal identity. Spaces where they can develop skills for ‘global perspective taking’ in the global political processes and can practice GSW with an open awareness of the hermeneutic circle in which members of an organization move from an interpretation of the broader context of a perspective to an emphatic cognition of the detailed elements of the message.

Thus, this initiative promotes the active citizenship and ethics in lifelong learning and fosters the development of social and intercultural competences, and critical thinking among leaders, educators, refugee workers and adult learners.


  1. Develop new methods and tools of GSW for education.
  2. Establish ‘cosmopolitan education’ for adults.
  3. Develop skills for critical humility in the global political processes.

Strengthen the professional profile of trainers, by using this innovative material of GSW.